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Budgie Growth

From Egg to Bird


Eggs and Incubation

Hens tend to lay an average between 5-8 eggs in one clutch. They are laid every other day and some hens lay on the eggs straight away, others lay at least 3 eggs before they start incubating them. The eggs need to be incubated for around 17-21 days before they hatch. This can vary from hen to hen.  
24 hours before hatching, you can often hear the squeaking coming from the egg as the baby prepares itself to break out of the shell. Every baby is born blind and featherless and need heat from their mum to keep them warm.

baby stages.jpg

The Growth of a Budgie

The growth of a budgie. Here are daily pictures I took of one little baby as he grew up. By day 3, the baby starts to move around a lot more and the babies huddle together in the nest box to help keep warm. As you can see by day 5 the feathers have started to appear...
By day 7, the eyes had opened. By day 12 the feathers are coming and you can start to see what colour they will be.
By day 19 they start flapping their wings to strengthen them. By day 28 most are ready to venture out of the nest box.

Black Dog

Young Budgies

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From Egg to Budgie: Projects
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