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A Bit of Background

How We Got Started

I started breeding budgies early 2017. My passion started out with just two pet budgies in a cage in the lounge, which soon expanded to a home built 14ft outdoor aviary with shed and a couple of breeding cages situated in my lounge! In August 2018 I relocated from Essex to Suffolk, with a much larger garden, enabling me to build a purpose built 38ft by 14ft birdroom designed by myself. It includes a 16ft x 12ft aviary area split into 4 main indoor aviaries each with their own outdoor flight for the birds to safely enjoy the nicer weather! The birdroom is complete with it's own automated lighting system, heaters, extractor fan, fridge, microwave and of course radio! I have a total of 24 plastic state of the art breeding cages imported from Germany and a further two smaller flight areas for baby budgies and the budgies that are available for sale. I breed both pet budgies and exhibitions with some of which I am planning to show in the coming season. I am a member of the Budgerigar Society (ring code J3050) and the Association of Specialist Budgerigars Society and a member of the local budgerigar society club. I specialise in a wide variety of exhibitions, but my passion is my rare variety- the Texas Clear Bodies. I always have birds for sale, both pet and exhibition. My birds come with a care sheet with all information needed on how best to look after your new friend. After purchase, I am always available for any questions or concerns you may have. 

I also sell cuttlefish, millet sprays, iodine blocks, 1kg bags of seed and a variety of different toys.

For more information, feel free to contact me on 07710896070.

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